Mouse instructions: Drag and drop items with the mouse.

Keyboard instructions: Direction keys (arrow keys or i-j-k-m) move focus. CTRL + direction keys move the item.

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The Making of a Thneed

Latest issue: The Making of a Thneed

Image of a Red Delicious apple. How something that didn't exist suddenly becomes something we can't live without.
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  • October 10, 2010 "Orange Inc. now shipping juicePads with v2.1 software."
  • October 2, 2010 "VIM introduces the gleeBook targeting the enterprise for $199 with 3 year contract."
juicePad Survey

Survey Results

Do you plan on buying a new juicePad?
  • 43% - Yes! Take my money!
  • 23% - Yes, if the price drops.
  • 15% - Not interested.
  • 15% - No. Going with the competition.
  • 4% - No opinion.